Department of Treatment

Vice-Chancellor: Dr. Amir mohammad Kazemifar
Specialist in legal Medicine ans Poisoning

Tel: +98 28 33664302

Fax: +98 28 33662090
Address: Shahid Mofatteh Street, Azadegan Blvd, Qazvin, Iran

 Affiliated Units 
- Administrative affairs Office
- Medical Equipment Office
- Hospital Affairs Office
- Laboratory Affairs Office
- Nursing management Office
- Treatment Monitoring & accreditation Office
- Treatment Economy Office
- Financial Affairs Office
- Medical Council
- Special Diseases


The department of Treatment is one of the strategic departments of the university that works with three main approaches including monitoring the process of providing health services and handling complaints, issuing permits and licenses required for medical institutions and centers, as well as providing software and hardware support for community health needs. The subsidiary sections that support and respond to department of treatment of the province include Management of the Supervision and Accreditation of Treatment Affairs, Management of Accidents and Medical Emergencies, Management of Nursing Affairs, Management of Laboratory Affairs, Office of Medical Devices, Office of Treatment Economics, as well as Management of Diseases Affairs and Diagnostic-Medical Institutions with Units of Medical Council, Organ Transplantation and Specific Patients.

Needs assessment, supplying needs, resource management, as well as monitoring and evaluating treatment services are among the missions of this department. The goals of this sector in terms of macro targets are summarized in establishing justice in the provision of health services, enabling people to enjoy the best quality of diagnostic-medical services and standard technology in an optimal and affordable physical environment with reasonable costs and highest levels of scientific and experimental knowledge, as well as respecting clients.

Medical Emergencies (Emergency Medical Services 115) of the Province


The Number of Road/Urban Ambulances


The Number of Active Ambulances


The Number of Supportive Ambulances


The Number of Ambulance Buses


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The Number of Bases for Air Ambulance Services


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