Dean School of Public Health

Dr. Ali Safari Variani
Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Occupational Health
Tel / Fax: +98 28 33237269
Address: Shahid Bahonar Blvd, Qazvin, Iran


Institute of Health and Paramedical Sciences started its educational activities by admitting 350 students in both full fund and tuition fee-based systems as well as five fields of study in the building of Nursing and Midwifery School by permission No. A/2/6322 of Ministry of Health and Medical Education in December 4, 1995.Health institute changed its title to School of Health by adding the field of Healthcare Management (Bachelor of Science) and admitting 23 students in December 20, 2000. Occupational Health, Environmental Health and Public Health (continuous and non-continuous Bachelor of Science) have been added since 2006 and this school admitted students in Mph course since 2007. The following fields of study were also added to the school: Management (2006), Health Sciences in Nutrition, Food Hygiene and Safety (2011), Environmental Health (2012), Occupational Health (2014) and Healthcare Management (Bachelor and Master of Science).

The number of students in different educational degrees of the School was 500 in first semester of 2017-2018. 140 students are studying in Master of Science and Mph. Moreover, more than 45 invited lecturers cooperate with this School in each semester. Totally, this School includes the following departments:

Occupational Health Engineering (Bachelor and Master of Science)

Environmental Health Engineering (Bachelor and Master of Science)

Public Health (Bachelor and Master of Science)/Health Education (Master of Science) in Public Health Department

Food Hygiene and Safety

Health Sciences in Nutrition

Health Communication and Promotion (Mph)