Teaching Center

22 Bahman Teaching Center 

22 Bahman Teaching Center is rented and is owned by the Railway. It covers a total area of approximately 4079/87 m2, a campus and medical center area of 3076/06 m2, a green space of 500 m2and a parking lot area about 300 m2. It is located in Parastar Valley, Rah Ahan Street, Qazvin. It was separated from Booali Teaching Center Complex in 2008 and has been known as the only Psychiatric Center of this province since then.

Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) center was also added to this Center in summer 2012. This center has four departments including emergency, women, men and clinic as well as totally 76 beds. There are 16 beds in emergency department, 30 active beds in women department and 30 active beds in men department. In addition, there is a room in each department in order to isolate aggressive and agitated patients.

This Center has para-clinical departments such as laboratory and radiology that provide services for outpatients. Psychiatric and psychology services are provided from Saturday to Wednesday in the mornings and work therapy is also active in the mornings. There is a library equipped with computer systems and internet for the use of professors, residents, students and staff in the Teaching Center.

Establishment: 1997

Address: Parastar Alley, Rah-Ahan Street, Qazvin, Iran

Tel: +98 28 33555054, 32555978

Fax: +98 28 33550254

Email: hospital.bahman@yahoo.com


Medical Specialties




Outpatient Services


Methadone Maintenance Therapy




Laboratory Services

Departments and Wards

Emergency Ward

18 Beds

CPR Room

Isolated Room (Patient Physical Restraint)

CCTV Cameras

Men’s Psychiatric Ward

30 Beds

Isolated Room (Patient Physical Restraint)


Women’s Psychiatric Ward

30 Beds

Isolated Room (Patient Physical Restraint)


Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Ward

17 Beds

Inpatient and Outpatient Services


(Paraclinical Units)








Occupational Therapy

Special Systems, Sites and Websites

Supreme Leader's Information Base

President’s Website

Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Basij- Medical Community Branch

National Complaint and Announcement Site

Samed Site

Feta Police Site

Iran Health Map

Food and Drug Administration Website

Staff Training Site

Food and Drug Administration News Website

Nursing Interest-Free Fund

Corporate Force Site

1690 Phone System

University Welfare Service Site

Registering inductees of Human Resource Plans

Integrated Continuing Education Site

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Proposal Sites

National Registration of Nurses and Associate Groups

List of Doctors

Dr. Seyed Alireza Haj Seyed Javadi, Psychiatrist

Dr. Mohsen Zamir, Psychiatrist

Dr. Faezeh Zahedian, Psychiatrist

Dr. Samaneh Safari Zadeha, Psychiatrist

Dr. Mohammad Ebrahim Sarichloo, Psychologist

Dr. Mahmoud Bahram Khani, Psychologist

Dr. Mohammadi, Radiologist

Dr. Azadeh Hosseini, Pathologist

Dr. Hossein Javdani, Psychiatrist

Dr. Morteza Nadi, Psychiatrist

Dr. Mahnaz Majidi, Psychiatrist

Dr. Zahra Hashemi, Psychiatrist

Dr. Bita Vahdani, Psychiatrist

Dr. PanteaA Mehrabi, Psychiatrist