Statistics Unit
Statistics Unit

Adele Qodoosi

Head of the Group of Experts on Statistics and Information Technology

B.A. in Mathematics


Tel: +982833336001-6, Ext.: 2371

Direct Tel: +982833339280


- Coordinating all affairs related to University statistics
- University GIS expert
- Census Officer
- Responsible for the Secretariat of the University Information Council

Shiva Esmaeili

In Charge of Statistics

M.A. in Statistics


Tel: +982833336001-6, Ext.: 2373

Direct Tel: +982833339280


- Preparing and extracting required indicators for managers
- Collecting and providing statistics for intra-organizational and inter-organizational units
- Providing Peyk-e-Amari Magazine in each semester
- Preparing the platform and implementing the statistical automation software at the University level
- Being the secretary of the Council for Proposal Systems of Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Research Affairs
- Being the main member of the University Suggestion System Committee
- Collecting suicide data at the Provincial level

Rafie Barzegar

Artificial Intelligence Expert (Data Mining)

B.A. in Statistics


Tel: +982833336001-6, Ext.: 2375

Direct Tel: +982833339280


- Studying on the collection of statistics, information required, preparing and submitting necessary forms

- Co-operating with organizational units in the preparation and design of forms required for entering and receiving information

- Designing information flow in the organization and compiling the necessary forms for collecting information

- Guiding various organizational units on how to complete statistical forms and reports, and dividing work tasks among different groups related to collecting information

- Studying on how to collect information and following up in the collection of information and statistics, analysis of statistics and information collected to identify the progress of various activities of the organization and showing their weaknesses

- Creating the required information banks in the framework of the required information

- Classifying statistics, information and outputs

- Collecting and keeping up-to-date information required for the company and controlling the information gathered based on the system output and monitoring the timely delivery of information

- Performing required statistical and mathematical calculations, providing periodic reports and justifying statistics on plans, and examining their priority implementation from an economic point of view
- Preparing required reports by implementing information management system, process of information and statistics for user access