Cellular and Molecular Research Center

Cellular and Molecular Research Center

Date of Establishment: 2009


Dr. Mohamadreza Sarookhani

The members of the research council are as follows:

Dr. Marjan Nassiri-Asl
Dr. Mohammadreza Sarookhani

Dr. Nematollah Gheibi

Dr. Hashem Haghdoost

Dr. Farzad Rajaei

Dr. Masoumeh Aslani Mehr

Dr. Reza Najafipour

Dr. Mehdi Sahmani

Tel: +98 28 3336001-6, Ext.:3146
Fax: +98 28 3360904


Address: Shahid Bahonar Blvd, Qazvin, Iran

Fields of Research

  • High molecular studies of contagious diseases with prevalence, mortality and high costs
    Molecular and immunological studies on the production of new vaccines and treatments (monoclonal antibodies)
  • Studying molecular genetics of non-contagious common diseases (thalassemia, hemophilia, visual and auditory disorders, neurodegenerative, cardiovascular) with an emphasis on diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Studying genetic, pathology, and molecular biology of tumors for diagnosis, function and treatment
  • Determination of Protein Mutations by Multiplex PCR
  • The production of mABs used in immunoassays in diagnostic procedures
  • Molecular epidemiology of bacterial and viral diseases in the province
  • Setting up new and molecular methods for the rapid diagnosis of infectious and genetic diseases
  • Using nanotechnology methods to diagnose and treat infectious and cancerous diseases
    Investigating and identifying methods for preventing and treating neurodegenerative diseases using animal models


  • Developing and applying human knowledge in the field of "cell and molecular” science
  • Conducting epidemiological and clinical research in order to improve the health services delivery system of the country to meet the needs of the Islamic community
  • Collecting, adjusting and classifying relevant documents and papers, and publishing them
  • Teaching human resources to research on "Cell and Molecular" fields
  • Encouraging and employing researchers
  • Attracting attention and cooperation of relevant research and executive centers in the country
  • Scientific cooperation with research and teaching centers of other countries and international organizations in accordance with the laws and regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran


  • RNA & DNA Extraction
  • cDNA Synthesis
  • PCR
  • Real time PCR
  • Cell Culture
  • Flow Cytometer
  • Blotting  & Western Blotting
  • microarray
  • HPLC
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • PFGE
  • Microscopic analysis
  • DNA sequencing