Dental Caries Prevention Research Center

Dental Caries Prevention Research Center

Date of Establishment: 2012


Dr. Roya Naseh

Central Bodies:

- Supreme Council
- Director of the Center
- Research Council

members of the supreme council are as follows:

- Parviz Padisar
Maryam Tofangchiha

- Jalal Hamissi

- Mansour Khorasani

- Roya Naseh
- Mohammad Ataie

Research council is consisting of the supreme council members and other faculty members.

Tel: +98 28 33353064
Fax: +98 28 33353066


Address: Dental Caries Prevention Research Center, Qazvin University of Medical Sciences, Bahonar Blvd., Qazvin, Iran.

Fields of research

  • Studying the factors affecting caries and other oral and dental problems
  • Studying the factors affecting the failure of treatments such as restorative and prosthetic treatments and providing effective strategies
  • Comparing various therapeutic techniques and introducing their advantages and disadvantages
  • Doing research on the priorities of research and development in the fields of improving the health status and treatment of oral diseases in Iran
  • Epidemiological and clinical research in order to improve the health care system of the country to meet the needs of the community


  • Developing and applying human knowledge in the field of "Prevention of dental caries" in order to provide oral and dental health
  • Identifying and training human resources in the field of "Dental Caries Prevention"
  • Promoting the spirit of research, encouraging and employing young and talent researchers in the field of dental research
  • Creating physical and equipment infrastructures needed for research to create the appropriate research field
  • Creating opportunities for cooperation with public and private organizations and international educational and research centers and in the field of dental sciences for the purpose of conducting scientific and technical exchanges in accordance with the laws and regulations of the government of Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Collecting information on the physical, chemical and biological properties of dental materials and equipment
  • Evaluating the biological effects of dental materials and equipment
  • Trying to improve the quality of materials and equipment for dentistry and laboratory production of dental materials and equipment
  • Supporting applied research in order to achieve self-sufficiency in the production of materials and dental instruments
  • Providing seminars and workshops in related fields
  • Strengthening the notification of dentistry through the provision of required books, valid scientific journals and internet information
  • Collecting, adjusting and classifying relevant documents and papers, and publishing them
  • Providing opportunities for publishing, presenting and applying results of research


  • Universal Testing Machine: Performing tensile and pressure tests on laboratory samples by this machine.
  • Mecatome Machine: This machine is used in order to prepare the slices of different thicknesses from different materials.
  • Load cycling Machine: This device is designed to simulate the oral environment and also is known as an artificial mouth.
  • Thermo cycling Machine: This device is used to apply cold and hot temperature cycles on the samples.
  • Diagnodent pen Machine: This device uses laser technology to determine the depth of the caries.
  • Wet-dry incubator: This machine is used to store materials and samples at a specific temperature and humidity.