Office of Organization Development and Administrative Transformation

Office of Organization Development and Administrative Transformation

Implementing the laws and regulations of the employment, faculty members, non-academic staff, and prediction of the scientific, administrative, technical and therapeutic cadres required for the university, and observing the legal rights of the staff of the university and providing promotion (position and rank promotion) and promotion of faculty members
  • Studying and checking methods to improve the efficiency of existing personnel and resources of the university considering the aspects of organizational excellence
  • Forming formal organizations of the university
  • Changing the title of organizational positions
  • Promoting the position of the staff
  • Promoting the rank of the staff
  • Holding training courses

The Secretariat of Responsive Managers

Goals: One of the goals of the formation and establishment of the Secretariat of Responsible Managers at university is to identify and eliminate human errors and mistakes, create satisfaction in service recipients, top managers and supervisory units from how managers respond well and apply logical plans to solve the problems of the unit that is under supervision.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Evaluating the performance of managers of the units in the use of authority in the administrative, financial, support and specialized sections
  • Submitting the report and evaluation score of managers to the university chancellor
  • Needs assessment in the field of managerial capabilities and skills and introducing training courses to them if necessary
  • Conducting regular meetings to check, evaluate and supervise the activities and performance of the managers
  • Counseling and coordination required for managers to solve the proposed problems
  • Analysis of problems existed in units with the aim of optimizing and organizing work processes

Members of the Secretariat: Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Resource Development, Director of Inspection and Complaints, Director of Financial Affairs, Director of Budget and Financial Planning, Director of Physical Resources and Construction Project Supervision, Director of Support Services, Director of University Nursing Services, Director of Health and Treatment Network Expansion, Director of Educational Affairs, Director of Organizational Development and Administrative Transformation.