Center for Network Management and Health Promotion
Center for Network management and Health Promotion

Hashem Alijani
Director of Health Network Management Center
Bachelor of Science
Tel: +982833686200


- Developing and improving the standards of health care units in order to gradually progress the comprehensive health networks

- Using collected statistical data for annual and medium-term planning in the reform of the expansion of health treatment networks

- Monitoring the executive implementation of health network expansion, monitoring the acceptance of Behvarzs and distribution of human resources

- Monitoring the deputation of health services

- Supervising the implementation of urban and rural family doctor program, referral system and organizing and improving the payment status of the health team members

Center for Network Management and Health Promotion includes the following units:

1.1. The Group of Expanding Health Networks: Implementing the programs for health system evolution in health context, completing the network system and increasing access to health services, improving the quality of health services by increasing physical areas in different units of the structure, developing the quality of services by organizing, providing and distributing human resources required for different categories, monitoring and supervising the performance of different levels of the network system particularly the executive centers for the implementation of the family physician program, improving the standard of different health units, the family physician program and referral system in rural areas through the implementation of programs including designing the structure of health units at the provincial level, establishing the number of units, prioritizing construction and finding locations for the construction of health units in accordance with the rules and regulations of the development, preparation and implementation of research and practical projects, preparing and communicating rules and standards to the health system and credit assessment required for the health services.

1.2. Behvarzi: The Bahvarzi Educational Units is active in Vice-Chancellor's Office for Health Affairs and aims at attracting and educating the Behvarzan as well as empowering staff in the form of training and empowerment at starting steps of service and in-service training, educating students in health context, promoting health efficiency of the Behvarzan, research and development in health in line with improving the level of people's access to primary and comprehensive health services in rural areas.

1.3. Performance Analysis and Statistics: Drawing up the death chart of the province, extracting demographic data, life chart and related indicators, the panel for health information management at provincial level, the panel for health information management at city level, the panel for health information management of service provider units, determining the time of referrals to centers and, preparing, editing and presenting statistics and reports on the courses of the health sector, the board of trustees, statistical yearbook, national health indicator, budget statistics, specialized indicators of evaluating provincial performance, observing, dashboard, etc.

1.4. Health Volunteers: Strengthening and institutionalizing inter-sectoral collaboration through implementation of quantitative and qualitative programs for health volunteers, empowering experts, attracting community participation and health volunteer trainers, promoting quality of health services in health houses by recruiting and educating Behvarzan, improving the standards of teaching centers, etc.