Environmental Health Department

Environmental Health Department

Shirin Naderi
Director of Environmental Health Department
E-mail: behdasht-mohit@qums.ac.ir
Tel: +982833678982


- Responsible for Environmental Health Unit

- Director of Health Emergencies of University (190 Health System)

- Expert on environmental assessment program and health attachment

- Quality measurement portal devices for water and food

Environmental Health Department is responsible for controlling factors that affect or will affect the well-being, physical, mental as well as social health of people through the implementation of water and wastewater sanitation programs, food quality and hygiene control at the distribution and supply levels, controlling bread and salt at the supply level, monitoring the health school of guilds, hygiene of mosques, monitoring the collection and healthy disposal of animal wastes and reducing solid fuel consumption in rural households, monitoring how waste solid materials of rural areas are collected and healthily disposed, insect and insidious animal fighting companies in public and residential places, etc.