Medical Microbiology Research Center

Medical Microbiology Research Center

Date of Establishment: 2016


Dr. Amir Peymani
Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Medical Bacteriology


Dr. Razzagh Mahmodi
Ph.D. in Food Safety and Hygiene


Tel: +289833790622, Ext.: 5092

Address: Medical Microbiology Research Center, Velayat Teaching Center, Minoodar, Qazvin

Staff of Laboratory

Khadijeh Azarhoosh

M.Sc. in Medical Microbiology

Tel: +289833790622, Ext.: 5092

Samaneh Rouhi

Ph.D. in Medical Bacteriology

Tel: +289833790622, Ext.: 5092

Board of Founders:
Dr. Taghi Naserpour
Dr. Amir Peymani
Dr. Akbar Mirsalehian
Dr. Behzad Bizhani
Dr. Razzagh Mahmoudi
Mr. Asghar Kar Boro

Members of Research Council:

Dr. Behzad Bizhani

Dr. Masoumeh Aslani Mehr

Dr. Safar Ali Alizadeh

Dr. Farshad Foroughi Moghadam

Dr. Faezeh Mohammadi

Dr. Razzagh Mahmoudi

Dr. Seyed Mahmoud Amin Marashi

Dr. Elham Haji Ali Lou
Dr. Farhad Nik Khahi

Dr. Amir Javadi
Dr. Alireza Farasat

Address: Velayat Hospital, Taavon Square, 22 Bahman Blvd, Elahieh, Qazvin, Iran

Tel: +98 28 33790620-30   Ext.: 750


Fields of Research

Identifying the condition of infectious microbial diseases
Promoting public awareness on the prevention and control of microbial infectious diseases
Focusing on basic and clinical research on the diagnosis of microbial infections in the region
Developing and applying human knowledge in the field of using microbial resistance
Awareness of the current status of microbial resistance in Qazvin
Identifying and preventing the factors affecting the process of increasing microbial resistance
Performing applied research and compiling a comprehensive plan in order to improve the health level of the covered population
Collecting, adjusting and classifying relevant documents and papers, and publishing scientific results
Teaching human resources to research, encouraging and employing researchers
Reducing the cost of health services
Attracting attention and cooperation of relevant research and executive centers in the country
Scientific cooperation with research and teaching centers of other countries and international organizations in accordance with the laws and regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran


Attracting the members of the Center for doing research activities in the Center
Supporting article publication
Providing research advisory services at the Center
Performing specialist tests for the diagnosis of infectious diseases and microbial resistance
Holding regular teaching workshops on infectious diseases, microbial resistance, and modern laboratory techniques
Supporting article presentation at scientific seminars
Providing research advisory services at the Center
Supporting stages of editing and approval of proposals for research projects
Accelerating the approval process of research projects
Updating news and portal pages and monitoring the portal pages of the Microbiology Research Center




Horizontal and vertical electrophoresis

Pulse field electrophoresis



Gel doc

Freeze dryer





Bio hood


Water Bath

Hot Air Oven


Digital Electronic Scale