Children Growth Research Center

Children Growth Research Center

Date of Establishment: December 06, 2014

Fields of Research

Growth and Development, Nutrition, Children's Sleep and Diseases


  • Developing and applying human knowledge in the field of "development and disease of children"
  • Conducting community-based collaborative research and formulating a comprehensive intervention plan to improve the health of the covered population and respond to the needs of the Islamic community
  • Collecting, adjusting and classifying relevant documents and papers, and publishing scientific results
  • Teaching human resources to research on “development and disease of children”
  • Encouraging and employing researchers
  • Attracting attention and cooperation of relevant research and executive centers in the country
  • Scientific cooperation with research and teaching centers of other countries and international organizations in accordance with the laws and regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran


  • Holding various scientific workshops and research methodology to empower faculty members
  • Giving advice on surfing the Internet and databases, writing proposals, epidemiology and statistics, writing papers
  • Training using software such as SPSS
  • Organizing an article and preparing its requirements for registration in internal and external journals
  • Registration of articles in internal and external journals
  • Following the status of articles under review in internal and external journals until final acceptance
  • Preparation of the essentials of articles accepted for publication in internal and external journals
  • Registering the abstracts of articles at internal and external congresses
  • Entering data of approved research projects in SPSS software
  • Statistical analysis of approved research projects
  • Providing suggestions and guidelines for selecting the appropriate internal and external journals
  • Providing space for holding meetings related to research including the hospital research council