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  • Date : Sat Oct 29, 2022
Qazvin University of Medical Sciences Times Ranking 2023


Qazvin University of Medical Sciences Ranked in Times Higher Education

Times Higher Education (www.timeshighereducation.com) is the most prestigious British magazine reporting specifically on news and issues related to higher education in the world. Obtaining a proper rank from this magazine has many advantages, including attracting more international students, domestic and foreign professors to study and cooperate at universities in the fields of education and research, as well as providing a suitable environment for establishing scientific communication such as holding conferences, professor-student exchange and joint research with other prestigious foreign universities, university-industry linkage and holding related start-ups.

In this regard, Qazvin University of Medical Sciences has been registered in Times Higher Education by Office of International Relations in January 2022 and has been ranked in this magazine for the first time.

It is worth noting that based on the latest Times ranking published on October 12, 2022 (which is valid until next year), 1799 universities from 104 countries have participated and Qazvin University of Medical Sciences was ranked 401-500 among all universities participated in the world. Moreover, Arak and Qom Universities of Medical Sciences have obtained the same rank as Qazvin University of Medical Sciences among Region 6 Universities of Medical Sciences and other Universities and Schools of Region 6 have not participated in this rating or have received higher ratings.

At this stage, By Subject Ranking of universities is also done, which is based on the expertise of universities in educational fields. Based on this, Qazvin University of Medical Sciences has been ranked (251-300) out of 1001 universities participated in the world among Medical Sciences Universities. It is worth noting that the first place of Medical Sciences Universities in the world was taken by Oxford University in Times. The second and third places were taken by Cambridge and Harvard Universities, respectively.



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