• time : 13:34
  • Date : Sat Apr 29, 2023
Growth of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences by 60 Steps in Webometrics Global Ranking System Compared to Last Year

The ranking results of the Country's Universities of Medical Sciences in Webometrics global ranking system have been published in January 2023. In this evaluation, Qazvin University of Medical Sciences has been ranked 2799 among Scientific and Research Centers in the world, and has improved its rank by 60 steps compared to the last year. Moreover, among 65 Universities of Medical Sciences in the country, Qazvin University of Medical Sciences is ranked 24th. It is worth mentioning that in the latest version of this ranking, about 25 thousand Universities and Scientific and Research Centers around the world have been analyzed based on their web-based information and the following three main indicators:

- Visibility (50%): Number of external networks (subnets) linking to the institution's webpages (normalized and then the maximum value is chosen)

- Excellence/Scholar (40%): Number of papers amongst the top 10% most cited in each one of the all 27 disciplines of the full database (Data for the five year period: 2017-2021)

- Transparency/Openness (10%): Number of citations from Top 310 authors (excluding the top 30 outliers)

This rank is the best rank obtained in the last 10 years, which is the result of the evaluation of the university portal, scientific journal, university scientific repository system (Eprints) and other related scientific systems.

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