• time : 13:48
  • Date : Sat Apr 29, 2023
10th Congress of Asian Sleep Research Society with the Presence of Dr. Shabnam Jalilolqadr

10th Congress of Asian Sleep Research Society

The 10th Congress of Asian Sleep Research Society was hosted by Turkey in Istanbul on March 31-April 1. International speakers and professors presented their scientific achievements in the field of examining children's sleep disorders in this international meeting, which was held with the presence of Head of International Sleep Committee of Asia, the Secretary of Sleep Association of Turkey and the Secretary of the Congress, Dr. Murat Aksu. It is necessary to explain that no university in Asia provides a degree in Children’s Sleep Medicine and Iran is the only country that operates in this field in the form of academic education. Dr. Shabnam Jalilolqadr (Subspecialist in Pediatrics and Fellow in Sleep Disorders, Faculty Member of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences) along with Dr. Zahra Parsapour and Dr. Vida Imani (Fellowship in Children's Sleep Medicine) were present as the only representatives of Iran in this congress. They presented their speech about "Children's Sleep Apnea, New Diagnostic and Treatment Methods and Introduction of Interesting Cases" in English on April 1 from 9:00-10:30 a.m.

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