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  • Date : Sat Nov 13, 2021
The Omani Team Visits the Implementation Results of Qazvin Comprehensive Plan of Health

Dr. Khalid Al Mashaikhi, Director General of Dhofar Health Services, six governors and three health officials from the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Health of Oman visited how the comprehensive health plan of Qazvin was implemented as well as the results as the fifth foreign delegation.

The visit, which was held on June 18, 2019, included a meeting with the presence of the Head of the Islamic City Council, the Head of the Community Participation in Health and the Head of the Council for Health Messengers. The implementation process of the comprehensive plan of health was presented in this meeting. Moreover, the Omani visited Vali-Asr Comprehensive Center of Public Health Services and became familiar with health volunteers. The bike paths throughout the City, Health Centers, Health Roads, and Women's Park were among other places visited by the Omani team.

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