Dr. Abdollah Didban

    Subspecialty in Pediatric Endocrinology

    Assistant Professor 

    Tel: +98 28 33375518-19
    Fax: +98 28 33377089

    Address: Building No. 1 of Headquarters for Qazvin University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Navab Department Complex, Shahid Salmani Street, North Navab Avenue, Qazvin

    The University Chancellor directs the following affairs:

    - Supervising the implementation of approved strategies in the form of scientific, educational and cultural policies

    - Supervising the University’s cultural, educational, research, health care, administrative, financial, developmental and services activities

    - Considering the disciplinary affairs of personnel and academic staff through the organizing of special administrative courts based on current regulations

    Chancellery includes the following units:

    Chancellor’s Office, Office for Inspection and Response to Complaints, Security Office, Documents, Women Affairs, Basij, Secretariat of Social Participation, Non-governmental Organizations and Health Charities (Health Policy-Making Council), Secretariat of Research and Review Center, Secretariat of the Board of Trustees, Legal Office, Entrepreneurship Office, Public Relations, Occupational Health and Safety Work Group of Unexpected Events and Passive Defense, Executive Committee on Prayer Establishment, International Relation Management, IT and Statistical Management, Representative Institute of the Supreme Leader, Investigation Board of Administrative Offenses of Employees, and the Supervisory Board of Islamic Associations.

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