Vice-Chancellor for Student and Cultural Affairs

    Duties and Activities

    1. Explaining the strategic plan and basic policies of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office
    2. Supervision on the performance of directors and heads of Vice-Chancellor’s Office
    3. Co-ordination within and outside the university in the field of student and culture
    4. Monitoring the performance of the financial affairs of Vice-Chancellor’s Office
    5. Membership in councils and committees related to Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Student and Cultural Affairs

    Affiliated Units 

    - Cultural Affairs Office

    - Student Affairs Office

    - Student Counseling Office

    - Quran and Islamic Thoughts Office

    - Sports Affairs Office

     Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Student and Cultural Affairs of the University has started working as an independent Office since 1996.

    This Office aims at educating and developing students’ talents, which is one of the main goals of the university, by providing a plan and finally implementing it in order to meet students’ welfare, cultural and vital needs as the main method of communication between student and the university.

    The most important goals of this Office are creating and improving the well-being of students in dormitories and dining halls, discovering talent and strengthening the students' cultural ability, creating vitality and enhancing the morale of young student by holding cultural and sporting programs and, ultimately, utilizing students’ mentality and creativity in designing and implementing the programs.

    The total dormitory area for students has been 19476 square meters in early 2017 that has accommodated 1183 students (779 girls and 404 boys).

    15 centers as well as student and non-student associations are active, and 15 student publications with a total circulation of 18,000 copies (annually) are published at university. About 68% of the total number of students are active in the centers and associations or attend in cultural programs. Covered indoor sports area of the university is 880 square meters that indicates a severe lack of sports area at university by having an index of 0.3 square meters per student (compared to the standard of one square meter per student). Providing academic counseling, mental and social health counseling, physical and mental health screening programs as well as social work services for students, holding life skill training workshops, sports events and events appropriate to religious and national rituals, providing welfare services, loans and scholarships for students are among the activities of this Office.
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