Kosar Teaching Center started its activities in 1968 titled “Cyrus the Great General Hospital” and its name changed to “Imam Jafar Sadiq Hospital” after the glorious victory of Islamic revolution. Moreover, the name changed to holy Kosar in 1992 since it is the only specialty Teaching Center for gynecology and maternity. The main L-shaped, 47-year building of the Teaching Center covers a total area of approximately 4120 square meters in two floors and includes the following departments: childbirth, postpartum, neonatal, gynecology, prenatal, roaming inn, operating room, NICU, ICU, and some related units. A major overhaul has been done in departments along with the renovation and beautification of the available space over the last years due to the old building.

    The Teaching Center has 230 approved and 145 active beds. The number of emergency beds is 10, and the number of delivery beds in labor and delivery department of the Teaching Center is 12. Moreover, there are 50, 24 and 18 beds in childbirth department, prenatal care unit and NICU department, respectively.

    Establishment: 1952
    Address: Taleghani Street, Qazvin, Iran
    Tel: +98 33236374-76
    Fax: +98 33236378  33242661
    Email: itkosar@qums.ac.ir

     Medical Specialties
    Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Outpatient Services
    Women's Surgery
    Ultrasonography Services
    Laboratory Services
    Pathology Services
    Radiography Services
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