- Performing and following up the necessary administrative and supervisory coordination in the functional field of the University Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Food and Drug Affairs

    - Providing services related to the issuance of sanitary licenses for manufacturing and supply centers of food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as continuous monitoring of their activities within the scope of duties of the Office

    - Providing services related to the issuance of permits for the clearance of imported food and cosmetic products, and health certificates of exports

    - Conducting control tests on food and cosmetic products

    - Answering questions and complaints raised by medical groups and people in the field of food and drug

    - Conducting scientific and educational courses for supervisors, manufacturers, medical groups and related sub-sectors

    - Communication with superior and inferior authorities and other relevant departments and agencies in order to advance the legal duties of the Office for Food and Drug Affairs

    - Supervising all affairs related to drug, food, cosmetics and packaging in the Province within the scope of the duties of the Office

    - Conducting research in the field of food, cosmetics, and drug with the approach to solve problems in this Sector

    - Performing the necessary interventions in order to modify the state of prescribing and taking the drug in coordination with the insurance companies, the medical system and other related sectors

    Strengthening the pharmacies of academic hospitals and healthcare networks in order to provide better services in the field of food and drug

    - Preparation and distribution of narcotic drugs needed by medical centers and patients in the Province

    - Making policies and monitoring the distribution and use of specific, controlled and sensitive drugs in the Province

    Goals and Objectives:

    - Improving the quality of Human Resources of the Office

    - Qualitative and quantitative improvement of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and sanitary services in the Province

    - Improvement of the level of financial resources of the Office

    - Increasing the level of participation of the people and other related sectors in field of the activities of the Office

    - Modifying the culture of prescribing and taking medication and preventing unwanted side effects of medications

    - Improving access to pharmaceutical services in covered areas

    - Improving the quality, health and safety of food and drug manufacturing and supply centers and increasing the satisfaction of service recipients

    - Increasing scientific and practical capacity of the food and drug monitoring department

    - Increasing the level of technology and technical knowledge in the production of food and cosmetics

    - Fighting against smuggling and supplying outside the official network of medicines, food, and cosmetics in collaboration with related organizations

    - Performing applied research in the field of food and medicine

    - Promoting the level of knowledge of the public in the field of food and drug



    Affiliated Units 

    - Office for Control Laboratory for Food and Cosmetics
    - Office for Supervision of Drugs and Narcotics
    - Office for Supervision of Medical Devices
    - Office for Supervision of Natural, Traditional and Supplementary Products
    - Office for Supervison of Food and Cosmetics


    The Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Food and Drug Affairs of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences has started working at the building No. 2 of the headquarters as an independent section since January 2003 based on the approval of the meetings of the chancellors of Medical Universities all over the country and in order to implement the third development plan and announced circulars of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. It aims at improving the quality and quantity of drug, food, cosmetic, and packing services of the province, increasing the level of participation of people and other developmental sectors in promoting health as well as supporting the promotion of the level of culture and knowledge related to food and drug affairs. The Office was successfully promoted to first level from second level in country as the first Office compared to all Offices of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences by the efforts of managers and experts of the subsidiary sections. Currently, it is trying to promote itself among the universities of Level 1.

    In this regard, this Office ranked fifth among 16 first-level universities in country and among 44 universities of the whole country based on the evaluation of the Ministry in 2008despite the weakness of the organizational chart and the inability to absorb the necessary workforce and equipment. It successfully ranked first among second-level universities in 2016 based on the evaluation of the annual performance of Vice-Chancellor’s Offices for Food and Drug Affairs (the 2015 performance) which was carried out by the Food and Drug Administration of the country. A total of 478 food and cosmetics production units are under the supervision of this Office in Qazvin. 284 units are working in food production, 107 units are active in the utensil manufacturing industry and packaging and 87 units belong to cosmetics productions. The number of units providing cosmetics products in the province is 650.
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