Chart of University

Organizational chart:

1-       board of trustees

2-       board of auditors

3-       chancellor

4-       university council

5-       office of evaluation and investigation

6-       selection

7-       guard

8-       chairman and public relation office

9-       deputy of assistance and support

10-   deputy of treatment and medicine

11-   deputy of training and research

12-   deputy of health

13-   deputy of cultural and students affairs

14-   administrative affairs management

15-   therapeutic affairs management

16-   complementary studies and educational affairs management

17-   provinces medical center

18-   management of  cultural and stuents affairs

19-   management of budget and training organization

20-   management of "food and drug" related affairs supervisory office

21-   financial affairs manager

22-    Information, statistics and research related affairs management

23-   Subsidiary therapeutic and educational centers and faculties.
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