Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs

    The Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Academic Affairs of the university makes its all efforts to provide effective human resources in the field of hygiene and social health with the aim of training students in different degrees of education (Associate Degree, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, MPH, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Ph.D. and the Fellowship Training Courses) and attracting enabled faculty members and upgrading their academic degrees.

    The number of students studying at Qazvin University of Medical Sciences and Health Services is 2615 until the second semester of 2017-2018 (684 students are enrolled in the first and second semester of 2017-2018). Moreover, 29 non-Iranian students are studying at this university. The number of postgraduate students until February 2018 is 565. 33 out of 50fields of study that are teaching at the university are related to the medical and dental residency, MSc, PhD. MPH, and fellowship. The number of students in postgraduate programs is 565. The university received the permission to accept PhD students in Bacteriology and admission of the students has been started since September 2017. A total of 11467students have been graduated from this university in different fields of study and degrees of education since the establishment of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences until the end of September 2017.

    Affiliated Units 
    1- Education Development Center (EDC)

    2- Continuing Medical Education (CME)

    3- Education services office

    4- Postgraduate office
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