Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology Affairs

    The journal of school of Medicine was set up in 1987after the opening of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences in 1985, and Dr. Saeed Asefzadeh was appointed as the editor of the journal. At the same time, he was responsible for Research Affairs. Then, the research council of the school of Medical Sciences was formed in 1989. Dr. Jalaleddin Hamissi was appointed as the responsible of research affairs in 1990. In 1992, Dr. Homayoun Sheikholeslami was appointed as the first Vice-Chancellor for Research Affairs. Three years later, Dr. Reza Ghasemi Barghi was appointed as the second Vice-Chancellor for Research Affairs. A year later, in 1996, Dr. Saeed Asefzadeh became the third Vice-Chancellor for Research Affairs, and Dr. Taqi Naserpour Farivar was appointed as the fourth Vice-Chancellor for Research Affairs in 2014. Dr. Amir Peymani has been appointed as Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology Affairs of the University after the retirement announcement of Dr. Naserpour and since March 2016.

    Affiliated Units 
    - Research Affairs Office  

    - Scientific Journal Office

    - Libraries and Publication Affairs Office

    - Publications Office

    - Student Research Committee

    Research Centers

    Cellular and Molecular Research Center

    Dental Caries Prevention Research Center

    Metabolic Diseases Research Center

    Social Determinants of Health Research Center

    Biomedical Technology Incubator Center
    Children Growth and Development Research Center

    Social Health and Behavior

    The Journal of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences

    Edrak, The Journal of Student Research Committee
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