• Developing and updating university policy and priorities continually concerning  international relations
    • Extracting the needs of the university regarding international relations by analyzing the situation continuously
    • Introducing Qazvin University of Medical Sciences to the region and the world
    • Establishing and strengthening communication with proposed international universities and scientific centers
    • Promoting the knowledge and information of faculty members about scientific activities in the field of medical sciences in foreign countries and world scientific circles
    • Promoting the scientific and functional levels of the university (educational, research, medical, pharmaceutical and health) through sharing the latest information and techniques with the world scientific centers
    • Creating and consolidating multilateral cooperation in various fields of health, treatment, education and research with other countries, international organizations and associations
    • Developing strategies needed for attracting foreign students
    • Facilitating the process of holding short-term training courses for foreign participants
    • Getting adjunct faculty members to create international communication
    • Exchanging professors and specialist staff to promote education
    • Exchanging students to improve the student's level of education

    Vision of university

    - Achieving the highest level of manpower training, producing and disseminating knowledge, innovation and equitable health indicators
    - Improving the quality and quantity of education, research, cultural and health affairs
    - Developing 
    intrasectoral governance and intersectoral leadership to improve health outcomes
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