Vice-Chancellor for Health
    Affiliated Units 
    - Community Nutrition Improvement
    - Disease Control and Prevention
    - Environmental Health
    - Heath Education and Promotion
    - Health Network Development
    - Mental and Social Health / Drug and Alcohol abuse Prevention
    - Occupational health
    - Oral Health
    - Adolescent and School Health

    - Disaster Risk Reduction and Unexpected Events

    Vice-Chancellor's Office for Health Affairs of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences and Health Services tries to achieve its major goals that are modifying and improving people’s lifestyle, increasing life expectancy, reducing mortality (decreasing the number of diseases), maintaining and promoting the level of people's health and ultimately the improvement of health indicators in line with the university strategic plan, by following religious values ​​and preserving national achievements, paying attention to human dignity and emphasizing social justice and satisfaction of customers, promoting the health of the family and public, the health of adolescents, youth and schools, environmental and work health, preventing and fighting against common infectious and non-infectious diseases using public health education, optimizing the use of existing resources and developing them, training and re-training existing human resources, applied research, attracting public participation and inter-sectoral coordination, physical, mental, social as well as spiritual health of individuals by accessing to basic health services and medicines in line with providing people's satisfaction.


    The Latest Status of the Organizations of Health Department of the University

    227 The Number of Active Health Houses


    The Number of Rural Active Centers Comprehensive Health Service


    The Number of Rural Active Centers Comprehensive Health Service


    The Number of Health Bases


    The Number of Behvarzi Teaching Centers


    The Number of Health Centers in the Province


    The Number of Health Centers in the City



    - Investigating the studies and identifying geographical and demographic characteristics, resources and health problems based on comprehensive coverage policies of health services and planning, and organizing them
    - Recognizing and categorizing the health issues of the region and the technical and executive problems of related programs
    - Planning to prioritize and resolve health promotion issues and problems within the framework of announced policies and strategies of Country regarding  the health of the region
    - Preparation, editing and presenting the results of studies, analyzes as well as strategic and operational plans
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